In most African regions and in the cultural structure of most earth’s continent, more especially, Nigeria, the dead are very much celebrated and praised than when they were alive, memorialized only after death.


A living being is being debased by the society instead of when they live no more; and  the living tribute is a weapon set to debar such debasement.


A gerontologist will always say “To study gerontology, you must learn self. Because self is the reason for growing old”. And while growing old, it has become a norm to be selfishly ignored and disrespected – even while sick, a lot of persons are not given adequate attention. Once after death, the deceased is given a benefitting burial in respect for an acclaimed glorious exit or whatever other themes attached.
This norm must be changed.


This Living Tribute is a dauntless idea in the making, set to respect the living instead, before death comes knocking.


The Living Tribute is a yacht that will sail pass the seas where Titanic sank.


The Living Tribute is a strain that might dawdle but will meet no dead-end.


The Living Tribute is a magazine set upon a social standard, with major motives of promoting life and celebrating the living – instead of the norm of celebrating the dead rather.


We promote life and all essence of life.


We memorialize the day-to-day lives of ordinary Nigerians who do extraordinary things.


We recognize the un-recognized who don’t crave for recognition, but are worth being celebrated.


We love the unloved, and lift the burdened souls of people who have been let down.


The Living Tribute is the voice of the voices unheard.

We tell true tales of living people in a way that has never been told before.