A famous writer once said:

“Never has there been a story of more woe

than that of Juliet and her Romeo”.


Ages has gone since that remark. Even if not so, methinks the writer was being literal, because in our present time, the statement is nothing but an irony.


Today, there are stories of more woe. A million tragedies and a thousand dirges sung.


People die every day. People are abandoned. Forsaken. Rejected and spat upon.

There are people, ordinary people, who do thank-worthy things, but don’t get thanked. There are people who are abandoned which alive and cherished after death. These are stories of more woe.


Most people find this a norm for the dead to be celebrated more, and this is a wrong norm.

It shouldn’t be this way.


Appreciate someone, respect them when they are alive.
When someone dies in Nigeria, every John and Jane Doe puts on their glad-rags to the burial and make all sort of nice remarks about the deceased. Meanwhile when the deceased was living, they never came – they never told him the good sides (or bad sides) of him. They never visited him in glad-rags.

At the burial, they can make long endless statements that stretched out to infinity about how glad, how kind, how every-good-thing the deceased had been before death.


Man, this is wrong.


One has been naked since alive, but you choose to clothe him after death.

Why not clothe him when he would be grateful?

Why not say the good-everything to him when he could still hear you?

Why do you choose to genuflect at a lifeless corpse instead?



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Readers Response


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